Systems Controlled From
Your Smart Device

The Agility? 3 two-way wireless security system is designed for residential and small commercial environments, and offers users visual verification which works in conjunction with its Smartphone app (also available as a web app for PC).

Users can view real-time images taken inside their homes with eyeWAVE? PIR camera detectors. The app can also be used to control the Agility? 3 system remotely including remote arming and disarming of the system, checking the status of the detectors as well as viewing a history of events. 2 way audio can be provided allowing the customer to speak and listen directly with the home.

A large choice of detectors, sounders and safety products are also available. These include the popular BWare™ iWISE®, and eyeWAVE™ detector series, a choice of wireless and wired barrier beams in different sizes, magnetic contacts, wired and wireless sounders in a choice of colors and shapes for all markets and a large selection of safety accessories which safeguard against smoke, flood and gases as well as panic bands for elderly care.

Optica Security Systems take pride in providing a bespoke system for homeowners and the residential market allowing full control of your system from your smart device