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Access Control & Biometrics

Access control systems are becoming an ever more vital part of integral security for our businesses, at Optica Fire & Security Ltd we can tailor an access control system to meet your business requirements from stand alone to fully networkable systems that can be configured for single sites, multiple sites and multiple tenants.


The correct access control system will allow you to control the flow of people through your complex and across multiple sites providing reports on who has entered where at what time, preventing access to key areas and granting access within programmable windows.


PC based networked systems provide one complete integrated access control application allowing programming of cards/ fobs, interrogation and programming of the system from one or several locations, raising barriers, opening doors, controlling 3rd party equipment etc, via inputs.


There are many options available for the control of access into and throughout a building ranging from Proximity cards, Finger print and Iris Recognition, Optica Fire & Security Ltd can provide you with a no obligation security audit and advice on all available technologies allowing you to make an informed decision on which applications most suites your needs.

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