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Integrated Systems

Optica Fire & Security Ltd are one of the countries leading integrated systems solutions providers designing, developing, and installing single and multiple site wide systems and control rooms for local authorities, military ,council, retail, commercial and many more.


Utilising software platforms such as Aritech, Europlex and Winpak. Many of the security applications can be integrated into a single front end workstation or accessed over networks across multiple sites. The software can provide site specific maps allowing the setting and unsetting of alarm systems, opening and closing of access control doors and gates, telemetry control and viewing of CCTV cameras and recorded images, video and audio communication links around the sites and much more.


Optica Fire & Security Ltd can provide security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you a full-featured security solution that serves any size facility. Multiple communication servers on a LAN/WAN provide distributed networking capabilities, improving system performance. Flexible database architectures for a more robust performance and expedient transaction processing.


The software can also support multiple accounts, allowing each operator separate access to the card database, badge layout and reporting operators can control the pan, tilt and zoom of CCTV cameras from the floor plan view. They can see the entire floor at a glance, and view area details at the same time. An integrated solution provides a high performance security management solution that combines a fully integrated badging interface with GUI-based alarm map monitoring capabilities.

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