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CCTV systems can be utilised for many different applications monitoring buildings for intruders, staff, stock, safety of employees and visitors, whatever the demand the correct system design is vital taking into consideration light levels, recording duration, picture updates, etc. At Optica Fire & Security Ltd we can assist and advise you on the correct system to meet your specific requirements.


CCTV systems have come a long way in the last few years moving from time-lapse VCRs to digital recording with prices dropping on machines making them a much more viable option. Systems can vary from the most basic to multiple camera systems, consisting of static and fully functional cameras. These systems can be monitored via our 24 hour accredited Monitoring Centre using external motion detection to trigger the transmission device. Number plate recognition can be added utilising software and public address systems allowing central station and staff to speak directly to the area covered by the CCTV cameras.


CCTV systems can also be viewed over a local or wide area network, internet browser or smart phones / tablets providing full control of functional cameras and viewing of live and recorded images, utilising software many different sites can be integrated together. Whatever the application Optica Fire & Security Ltd are here to assist you.

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